Our credit account is a type of commercial financing allowing our customers to purchase goods or services and pay us at a later scheduled date. 

We offer a very generous 30 days from the end of the month of invoice which can mean up to nearly 60 days of credit!!!

This helps our customers with cash flow and ensures that products are on the shelf for them to sell and make a profit for their own business

We offer an incredible service, with guaranteed next working day delivery and would hope that our customers appreciate the importance of this service to them, whilst also understanding the need for us to collect these payments promptly to benefit both parties.

Therfore before applying for a credit account below, please read our Terms & Conditions to ensure you are happy to trade with us under these terms.


  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the order confirmation prior to your delivery & to inform us of any errors.
  • All delivery dates given shall be approximate only and may be subject to change if for reasons beyond our control.
  • If the buyer fails/refuses to accept delivery of goods by the seller shall be entitled to charge a restocking fee or full payment of the goods so tendered and the seller will store at the risk of the buyer, storage costs and any additional costs will be added to the price of goods sold for the buyer to settle. After a duration of 3 months the seller will be entitled to dispose of the goods.
  • Returns carry a 25% restocking charge and will only be accepted once the dispute has been raised with the seller no later than 3 days from delivery and accepted with a collection note. Upon receiving and inspection of the items returned the seller will raise a credit to the account of the buyer.
  • The seller has the retention of the title of all goods received by the buyer until payment has been made in full, in respect of either the goods or any other amounts.


  • Payment shall be made by the last day of the month following the month of the invoices.
  • BAC’s payment is to be made to Lloyds Bank: Sort Code: 30-15-99 Account Number: 00330204, payment as detailed is in the essence of this contract.
  • No dispute under this contract shall delay payment from the buyer and the buyer will not make any reductions of sums owing from the seller by reasons of dispute.
  • Failure of payment by the due date from the buyer will result in the seller without notice suspending all delivery’s to the buyer, a charge of interest will be applied to the buyer on a daily basis at the rate of 8% over the Bank of England base rate under the late payment of commercial debts regulations 2002 & 2013 and/or to serve notice on the buyer requiring immediate payments on all goods supplied by the seller whether payment is due.
  • The buyers credit account will be continually monitored and if payment is not received promptly the credit facility may be reduced or cancelled.

Account Application Form
  • Are you happy for Plumbing Distribution Company to use the above email to send through promotional offers & product details ?:
  • I understand that The Plumbing Distribution Company's credit terms are STRICTLY 30 days from end of month of invoice:
  • I agree to pay my account on the 30th of every month:
  • I understand the credit account will be continually monitored and if payment is not received promptly the credit facility may be reduced or cancelled.:
  • I confirm I have read all of the terms & conditions of The Plumbing Distribution Company Ltd and am happy to proceed with my application:
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If you would like to download an application form please do so here